Universal Deep Linking Plugin for Unity

Deep Link your players to your Unity Games.

ImaginationOverflow Universal Deeplinking plugin enables your Unity projects to be opened using deep links and/or web links, enabling your projects another way to interact with your users.
The plugin automatically configures deep linking and domain association on the target platform on build, making its usage simple and quick.

Integration is as simple as registering a callback to an event.

public class DeeplinkingExample : MonoBehaviour
    void Start()
       DeepLinkManager.Instance.LinkActivated += Instance_LinkActivated;
	private void Instance_LinkActivated(LinkActivation la)
		//  my activation code

The configuration is made on a simple built-in User Interface, where you can define all the deep link and domain Uris that you wish to support.
You can configure the plugin globally, where all your builds will have the same configurations or configure each platform to have a different configuration.

The plugin also contains a debug feature where you can test your integration without deploying to an actual device.

Supported Platforms

Platform Deep Linking Domain Association
iOS * *
Windows Store
tvOS * *
Linux Standalone
MacOs Standalone *
Windows Standalone
Steam (Linux, Windows, MacOs*)

(*) requires MacOs

Advantages Of Deep Link

Incentivized Installs

Use Deep Linking to incentivize game installs to get more quantifiable acquisition metrics than just rewarding invites.

Offer in-app content

You can use deep links to unlock content inside your game.

Share Content

Share level seeds, gifts or room numbers between players in a seamless way.

User retention

Games with deep links have an higher user retention overall.

App Discoverability

Search engines index mobile app deep links, improving the chances of new users finding out about your game..


Sudoku Zenkai

Sudoku Zenkai is a game for anyone from beginning to advanced players. It brings a new dimension to sudoku - you can solve puzzles with your friends, wherever they are!
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Super Bunny Laser Spikes

Super Bunny Laser Spikes is a vertical jumper where you control a Bunny that is leaping for it’s life! You have to dodge enemies, eat carrots in order to unlock all the awesome Power Ups and Gizmos available. The game is made with a beautiful hand-drawn art with an incredible color pallet and full of different areas to see and surpass. The enemies and sections that you have to conquer are randomly picked so that each run will be different.
Android | iOS | Windows Store | Deeplink


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